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We don’t even know where to begin in thanking all of you who have reached out to us over the last several days, both before and after the storm. We have been humbled by the outpouring of love and support and greatly appreciate your ongoing prayers for our beloved islands. We are truly grateful that our entire crew is safe and we all came through with our homes intact. Many were not as fortunate and our hearts go out to those in need and are enduring devastating losses.

Compass Point Marina upheld its reputation as a hurricane hole and our fleet is largely intact, except for our personal boat, Being Nauti and one other boat with significant but repairable damage. By and large, the docks appear to have sustained minimal damage, even through a record breaking Category 5 hurricane. Our office, on the other hand, didn’t make it and all of the contents were lost. We have already secured temporary office space within Compass Point and Virgin Islands Yacht Charters is open for business.

The cruising grounds have obviously been greatly affected by Hurricane Irma and the rebuilding process will take some time, but those efforts are already well underway. The people of these islands are resilient and our faith in humanity has been restored. Even in the midst of the rebuilding process, the natural beauty that defines the Virgin Islands is front and center.

People continue to ask what they can do to help so here is what we believe will be the most effective ways to contribute. First, please consider donating towards the humanitarian efforts going on through a reputable relief organization, such as the ones supported by Tim Duncan and Kenny Chesney. Second, continue to support any ongoing relief efforts in the rebuilding of the infrastructure that has been impacted. And, lastly, keep coming back to these beautiful islands. It may look a little different in the short term, but coming down and being invested in the local economy is the long term key to the full recovery of our beautiful islands.

You can rest assured that not only has Virgin Islands Yacht Charters survived Irma, but with your continued support, we are ready to continue our mission to serve the chartering needs for our one of a kind cruising grounds of the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands.


The Staff at Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

#VIStrong and Carrying On!


Tim Duncan Hurricane Relief Fund

Kenny Chesney Foundation

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