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Be a competent and safe skipper on your next sailing vacation through our partners at NauticEd. The Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of Courses were written by people who have really done it. They will save you money, help you have a fun and safe time, and help you be a great leader of your family and friends.

These are the fun and engaging multimedia courses in the bundle (totaling about 40 hours of study),

  • Skipper

  • Maneuvering Under Power

  • Coastal Navigation

  • Electronic Navigation

  • Anchoring

  • Bareboat Chartering

When you take these courses and log the appropriate amount of experience in your logbook, you are automatically qualified by every charter company in the world to skipper a boat on a sailing vacation.

Take the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of Courses NOW. You can do it!

Even if you are inexperienced now, our affiliated schools can help you qualify for the practical skills you need.

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