Willy T Denied Anchorage at Norman Island

NORMAN ISLAND, VI– One of the territory’s main tourist attractions, Willy T, a floating restaurant and bar, is being kicked out of its usual location.


The floating restaurant that usually operates on the south-west of The Bight at Norman Island was completely destroyed by the powerful winds of Hurricane Irma in September 2017 but was replaced by a new vessel.


The world-renowned Willy T is known for its parties and a place to get away to enjoy some good food and rum, while enjoying the ambiance of the water or moonlight.


In addition, Willy T, floating restaurant and bar boat, has attracted local residents and visitors from all over the world, along with day sailors from the neighboring [US] Virgin Islands.


“They are kicking us out the bay”


In an exclusive interview with our newsroom, Mr Ewan Anderson, owner of Willy T, told our news site today, May 11, 2018 that he was called to a meeting yesterday with Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr The Honourable D. Orlando Smith (AL), and Honourable Archibald C. Christian (AL), Junior Minister for Tourism, where he was told that he has to find a new location for the Willy T because they have a “large development on Norman Island that does not want the Willy T in the bay”.

He explained, “Basically they are kicking us out the bay. Categorically, they said to me they have a large development they want to sign off on, and Norman Island that does not want the Willy T in the bay.”


Mr Anderson, who has expressed disappointment and frustration with the decision, stated that he spent approximately half a million dollars for the new boat, while disclosing that the decision was based on money.


“I spent a half a million dollars and they are kicking us out of a location that we have been for 35 years and it’s all to do with money. They literally told me about it yesterday and they basically said that we want you to move to another location, just like that,” expressed Mr Anderson angrily.


“I feel disgusted and sick to my stomach”


Meanwhile, the owner of Willy T strongly expressed that he feels “disgusted and sick to his stomach” about the decision taken to have the Willy T removed from its usual location, adding that is has been one of the major tourist attractions for the Virgin Islands (VI).


“...and they just decided that they don’t want us back in the normal location. I don’t get it. Every charter company and everybody promote the BVI and the Willy T is a part of that promotion.”


He further explained that the seabed does not belong to anybody, while pointing out that the Willy T has a seabed lease at its usual location.

Mr Anderson indicated that the Willy T is a brand new boat that is a little bit bigger with all its usual facilities on board and it is all ready to go, but sadly noted that at the moment it has nowhere to go.


Article Courtesy of Virgin Islands News



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