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Boaty Ball is Changing the Way Things Are Done in the BVI!

BoatyBall Reference Guide

What is BoatyBall? Simply put, BoatyBall is a WebApp that allows you to reserve and pay for mooring balls in some locations in the BVI’s. It is important to understand that the App places mooring balls into two categories: Reservable and First Come First Serve (FCFS). FCFS mooring balls are not yet available, but will be added later. To use the App, look for mooring balls that have the BoatyBall Logo on them.

Reservations Only Moorings

These mooring balls are bright orange, a different shape, have numbers on them, and will have our logo clearly visible. Through the APP, you will be able to reserve any ball that is in the reservations only program.

Tips & Precautions: First and foremost, DO NOT TIE up to a reservations only mooring ball unless you have reserved it. DO NOT BE THAT CAPTAIN that ties up to a mooring ball reserved by someone else. Captains that violate this policy will have their accounts and boats suspended permanently. Make sure your mooring ball number you tie up to matches the ball number you reserved.

First Come First Serve

FCFS mooring balls are coming later in 2019.

These mooring balls will be white with our orange logo. FCFS moorings are exactly that - If you tie up to the mooring first, it is your mooring for as long as you wish to stay on it. This is the traditional method used throughout the BVI’s. The only difference is you can pay for each nights stay via the App. No need to carry cash or wait on a tender to arrive to collect money for the mooring.

Tip & Precautions: Not all mooring balls in the BVI’s are in the BoatyBall program. The ones that are in the program are properly maintained by Moore Seacure. In most locations, there are several different owners to the balls located in the mooring field. Not all moorings are on maintenance contracts. So, if you are going to use the APP to pay for a BoatyBall mooring, please ensure that you are tied up to one, you have the right bay selected in the App (easy to do with the locate me button) and it is a BoatyBall mooring BEFORE you pay for it. Failure to do so can result in the loss of your payment. Paying for a FCFS ball before tying up to it, DOES NOT RESERVE THE BALL FOR YOU.

For a printable version of the BoatyBall Reference Guide, please go to the Planning and FAQ page of our website and find the BoatyBall section.

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