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*Not all areas are accessible due to closures and/or restrictions.  Please inquire with our Concierge Team.


One of the best things about starting and ending your trip in the USVI is taking advantage of spending some time on St John.  With its long stretches of white sandy beaches and beautiful, mountainous terrain wrapped in rich foliage as if draped in green velvet, St John is not to be missed.  As you leave the channel from Compass Point Marina, you will already have St John in your sites.  Take special note as you motor by Great St James and Christmas Cove, as this may be where you want to spend the last night of your charter.  As you make your way along the North shore of St John, take some time to stop to enjoy the beautiful, clear water and stop in a few of the quiet cays for a snorkel or for lunch onboard.  Plan to overnight in Francis Bay, which is the most favored on the northeastern side, offering excellent holding and protection. You're sure to see some turtles!  If you prefer, you can continue on through The Narrows by passing between Whistling Cay and Mary's Point (which you will want to do under power) and plan an overnight in Leinster Bay.  There are about 20 overnight moorings available and a dinghy mooring area at Waterlemon Cay.  This is also the entrance to the ruins of the Annaberg Sugar Mill, which has been restored by the National Park Service and is a beautiful and easy hike. 

Plan on having dinner and drinks onboard that evening and take a deep breath . . . you're in the Caribbean!!!

Sea Turtle.JPG


Enjoy a quick breakfast onboard, then head directly to customs at The West End of Tortola to clear into the British Virgin Islands.  From there, work your way towards Norman Island for a night in The Bight.  Just outside of The Bight, don't miss The Indians for some of the most amazing snorkeling in the Virgin Islands.  Grab a ball and plan to stay for a while.  Once you have picked up a mooring ball in The Bight, you can dinghy over to the Caves for more unbeatable snorkeling.   Tucked away in the southeast corner is Pirate's Bight, a family-oriented beach bar and restaurant.  With its beautiful setting and calm waters, it is a great place to lounge during the day in their comfy beach chairs.  And, believe it or not, Pirate's Bight is even more beautiful in the evening, so plan to enjoy dinner there. 

Click here to check out there amazing menu and extensive wine list. 

Norman Island is also home to the world-famous Willy T.   Be sure to drop in for a drink or FEW!  Note, the Willy T can go from rated G to a hard R, so be aware if you are traveling with kids.  Stopping in around lunch time may be a better option and the kids will have a chance to jump off the upper deck into the beautiful, crystal clear waters you'll find in The Bight.

Pirates Bight Entree.jpg


After breakfast and maybe a morning paddle around the Bight, head towards Cooper island, but if the seas are somewhat calm, take a little detour to Salt Island to snorkel the Wreck of the Rhone.  The rudder post comes within 15 feet of the surface and below that is the 17 foot bronze propeller. Also visible, even when snorkeling, is  the cargo deck, propeller shaft, mid shaft bearing and gearbox. Surrounding all this, is of course a spectacular reef system full of wreck loving fish.  This will be a highlight of your trip.

From there continue on to Cooper Island in the early afternoon and grab your overnight mooring in Manchioneel Bay. Check out Cistern Point for more snorkeling or simply relax on the beach or by the bar at the Cooper Island Beach Club. There is a strict “no anchor” policy in effect at Cooper Island, due to the plentiful turtle grass on the bottom. Make sure you have called ahead for dinner reservations at the Beach Club to be able to enjoy a wonderful meal in a magnificent setting.


Get an early start and beat the crowds to The Baths on the Southern end of Virgin Gorda. Pick up a National Parks mooring and dinghy to the designated area and swim in from there.  Remember to pay attention to the flag system, especially if there is a north swell. Spend the day exploring tunnels, caves and crystal-clear pools through the maze of massive boulders which have been resting there for literally millions of years. Go to the Top of the Baths for lunch and take a dip in the fresh-water swimming pool.  There you can enjoy a frozen drink while taking in the spectacular view looking down the entire Sir Francis Drake Channel.  Once the day charter crowds have had a chance to clear out, head down to Devil's Bay  . . . you'll have it practically to yourselves. 


Continue on from there into the North Sound,  where you will find a plethora of wonderful ways to spend your time and a little something for everyone.  Be sure to use the well-marked north entrance and not the shortcut next to Mosquito Island when entering the Sound.  Leverick Bay is currently the only marina open in the North Sound.  If Michael Beans happens to be entertaining at Leverick Bay, it'll be worth your time to attend the "Happy Aaaar Show".  There are a couple of great restaurants to choose from and a nice swimming pool to hang out in.

If you don't plan to go to Anegada, you may want to consider spending an extra day in the North Sound and purchasing a day pass to Oil Nut Bay.

Considered one of the most luxurious and exclusive resort communities in the Caribbean, you will feel spoiled in this beautiful setting.



Leaving from the North Sound directly to Anegada is a beautiful and easy sail.  Plan on leaving early so you can enjoy a nice long day on the gorgeous, miles-long stretches of white sandy beaches.  There are tons of options on Anegada for where to spend your time and everyone has a favorite.  Be sure to make your dinner reservation by 4pm to ensure you have a nice fresh lobster prepared for you.  Potter's By the Sea is a wonderful place to dined and enjoy nightly entertainment.

If you don't plan to go to Anegada or spend a second night in the North Sound, consider heading to Scrub Island and Scrub Island Resort.   This property is located on the beach a short distance from Marina Cay, Cam Bay Beach, and Lee Bay Beach.  Popular property highlights, other than 3 swimming pools and 3 restaurant, is free Wifi, 24 hour business center, laundry facilities, and a convenience store.

If you are thinking you would rather head on over to Jost Van Dyke, that would be another great option.  Be sure to stop at Sandy Spit for great pics and to just say you've been there.  If you have been there before, you'll definitely want to see how different it looks since the storms.  Spend the night in Diamond Cay.  Great snorkeling and B-Line Bar!  Foxy's Taboo will be returning soon, too!

Cow Wreck.jpg
Anegada Lobster.JPG
Yellow Tail Snapper.jpg


Plan on spending an entire day and night in Great Harbour and White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, by far the most popular destination in all of the British Virgin Islands.  Hang on the beach or in the crystal clear water while sipping on a world famous Painkiller (or few) from Soggy Dollar Bar.   Enjoy lunch at Hendo's Hideout with their amazing food and tasty libations.   At the opposite end of White Bay, stop by Ivan's Stress Free Bar and chill in one of Kenny Chesney's favorite places in the BVI.   And, speaking of stress-free, visit the newest addition to the White Bay family, Ocean Spa BVI.  This unique floating spa offers a wide variety of spa services while being gently rocked by the swaying of the ocean and soothing  Caribbean breezes.  

In the evening, dine at Foxy's  and take in the sights and sounds of this world-famous little bar that is a must do when visiting the Virgin Islands.  

Soggy Dollar Painkiller.jpg


There are a couple of things you could do from here.  From Great Harbour, sail over to Cane Garden Bay and visit Myett's for lunch.  The restaurant there will soon be a Pusser's.  While you're there, take a tour of the Callwood Rum Distillery, a 400-year old landmark. Tastings are only $1 for 4 samplings.  

If you prefer to skip Cane Garden Bay and go straight to St John from Jost Van Dyke, that is an option as well.  Once you're there, grab a mooring ball at Honeymoon Beach where it's easy to dinghy in to Cruz Bay.  Spend some time shopping and dining for lunch at Mongoose Junction, only a couple minutes walk from the dinghy dock near the National Parks Building.  If you plan to spend the night on St John, spend some time during the day exploring some of the beautiful beaches or hiking trails in the National Park.  For dinner, Extra Virgin, The Terrace, Morgan's Mango, or Greengo's are a few of our favorites.  Of course, Woody's and Longboard's can't be missed for the later crowd.

Another option for your last night, especially if you have an earlier flight out or just prefer a quieter evening in calmer waters, you could make your way to Christmas Cove on Great St. James.  Don't miss out on getting your pizza order in at the only floating pizza restaurant in the entire Caribbean.  Pizza Pi is a must do and they will deliver to your boat or you can pick up by dinghy.  Unique menu items and unique experience!



Returning to base . . . Please plan on returning to base in time for you to be off of your boat by NOON, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon with Virgin Islands Yacht Charters.  When approaching the entrance from the West, care should be taken to not mistake the "false entrance" with the actual mouth of the harbor.  If you are not able to identify a green buoy on the port side of the channel do not enter. 

The channel into the Lagoon is well marked and provides no problems after you have identified Rotto Cay and its relationship to other landmarks.  Leaving Coculus Rocks and Rotto Cay to the starboard, proceed to Grassy Cay where you will pick up the channel markers.


Photo Courtesy of
Virgin Anchorages
which features aerial views of the most popular anchorages in the US and British Virgin Islands.
We will provide you with a copy for use during your charter or you may purchase a copy in advance.


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